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Have your products tested. Within professional testing you gain relevant data that allow you better understand your customers' needs and preferences. Gained information will help you with product development and also within competing. Our tests often reveal how consumers see your products and what value they assign to the products. Based on the information you can assume proper price or quality policy.

For our team it is no problem to ensure a set of accredited analyses in laboratories in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have a lot of experience with testing so we know what analyses to choose and when to carry them out. Thanks to our long term practice, we provide complex service in the field of testing of products. We provide sampling too and accredited or non-accredited analyses of food and consumers goods.  

  • We recommend non-accredited analyses especially if you need to find the situation on the market, compare packaging, design, quality, ingredients, weight or prices. The aim is to compare the products with competitions and set the future strategy for quality development.
  • We recommend accredited analyses especially to verify product health mark in accordance with legal requirements. And analysis reference for dealings with state administration

What can we help you with?

  • We can provide complex testing of your products in accredited and non-accredited laboratories.
  • We can set up a test based on your requirements focused on product taste, aroma, packaging or price.
  • Based on the results, we can elaborate a comprehensive report, thanks to which you will understand customers' preferences.
  • Thanks to us you can effectively develop your products and assume proper price or quality policy.
  • We have prepared an IT solution for processing and evaluation of your results for you. 


We help many companies with testing of food. Will you join?

We contacted QSL with a request for assistance to identify what analyses are the most suitable ones for our business case and how to solve given issue.  We were satisfied with their service. The QSL team provided sampling, proposal and performance of analyses and also issue of certificates for the use of dealing with state administration. Everything was done smoothly, very fast and professionally.

Jan Kolář, company executive, Konkordia

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