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The QSL team has been active on the market from 2012 and since than, the team has answered hundreds of questions from our customers and consumers. We advise producers, sellers and importers on labelling of products and help with state inspections, product testing or quality check. We, however, do not offer only services and consultancy.

We listen to our customers and monitor their everyday problems. One of them is, for example, the need to permanently monitor news in the field of food quality and safety, current trends and new legal obligations. To be able to help you with that we have designed a solution in the form of iQSL web portal.

News in state and private spheres in one place

iQSL.cz server monitors development in food sector comprehensibly and in categories. Fresh information from state and private sectors that is useful not only for our customers but also for wide professional public and consumers who are interested in food is available.

Introducing iQSL portal

  • Independent information portal dedicated exclusively to food issues.
  • It brings current information on food quality and safety, including current legislation.
  • Fast information from important authorities (Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, etc.) in one place
  • You can search for an article according to topic that you are interested in.

iQSL.cz portal is a serious and summarizing source of information and quality, safety and labelling of food. With the portal we wish to make your understanding of these issues easier."

Check the database of tested food or visit our online advisory centre

Food testing is one of the most monitored areas. That is why you can find it as a separate page with specialized search on iQSL.cz web. Gradually we post all results of food tested in the Czech Republic. It is a unique function that you cannot find anywhere else. If you wish, you can find out when and by whom a product was tested and the results.

In QSL, we consider effectiveness very important. Therefore we do not keep our answers for the customers for ourselves. We make frequent and update answers available for everyone within online advisory centre. Here you can ask and the experts of our team will provide you with knowledgeable answer free of charge.

Check what is going on in the world of quality, safety and labelling of food

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