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Why have an independent audit performed? There are several reasons:

  1. International retail chains request performance of internal audits within provision of safety, quality and correct labelling of their private labels. It is a retail chain's interest to ensure product quality for their customers.
  2. The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority, Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Hygiene Service and other authorities control adherence to legally requested site standards, product labelling, freshness of goods, hygiene of employees, occurrence of rodent and many other factors. Major findings can lead to penalties, negative media reactions but particularly to preferring competitors. How to prevent such difficulties? The best way is to work on improvement of the quality standards of your site actively and in the long term.

In QSL, we carry out independent internal audits of stores or production, the audits warn you about all even less significant deficiencies and suggest you a way to remedy before they cause you any difficulties. In addition to developed methodology or own analytical software, QSL's added value is primarily rich experience from retail. Besides audits in accordance with international standards, we design complex setting of audit schedule for our customers' needs – subjects of inspection, frequency and reporting method.

What can we help you with?

  • We can prepare you for an audit in compliance with international standards - ISO 22 000, IFS, BRC, GFSI.
  • We can create your own standard for audit of your private labels suppliers.
  • A production audit will ensure that you sell only fresh and correctly labelled goods.
  • We understand the issue of company internal regulations and can check how individual sites follow them.
  • We can check your price integrity too.
  • We can provide reports of audits that we present monthly or quarterly, as you wish.
  • Comparison of individual sites with the aim to motivate employees for better performance is a part of the presentation.
  • Detail assessment of individual audit criteria together with proposed measures is a part of it too.
  • While auditing a store we will create your standard for audit of your stores.
  • We can carry out an audit of entire store including back area, or only inspection of sales floor.
  • On the sales floor we can check quality of fruit and vegetables, correct labelling of food, outdated goods and damaged packaging.
  • We can check whether all goods, including the goods presented in the flyer, are available.

We help many companies with internal audits. Will you join?

Our clients said 

International retail chains have high demands on realization of audits. Mr. Baudyš and his QSL team, however, knows our environs very well and thanks to that he provided us with great advices and helped with preparation for audit that we successfully passed.

Petr Říha, company executive, Lahůdky Palma

A QSL auditor provided audit of all our stores at professional level. Among others, we appreciated factual and accurate comments that led to improving our quality system.

Věra Kružíková, quality department manager, TPH Hodonín

Audit carried out by QSL proceeded very smoothly. We thank the auditor for a very good cooperation and communication throughout the audit, including evaluation of corrective measures.  

Ing. Radka Lomnančiková, ALTIN JM GROUP, s.r.o.

We will perform an independent audit based on your needs and we will propose corrective measures

It is only up to you to what extent you wish to be certain of the quality of your production or store. We will tailor the areas of inspection as you need. You receive the results of inspection summarized in a comprehensive document together with recommendations that will move your business forward. Do not forget: you can face deficiencies only if you are aware of them!

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