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Chicken leg fillets of a Polish producer contained salmonella. On 16th April 2015, the State Veterinary Administration carried out laboratory examination that proved presence of Salmonella enteritidis in packed, deep-frozen leg fillets boneless and skinless. Salmonellosis is a diarrheal disease of bacterial origin and older persons, ill persons and young children are the most endangered groups. 

Particular identification of the goods

NamePacked deep-frozen chicken leg fillets boneless and skinless, A quality class 
ProducerPL 12030323 (identification marking)
Packaging6×2 kg
Best before date29. 3. 2016 (best before date)
Quatity10 200 kg

The product was distributed to three stores in the Czech Republic – Gastro Plus Louny, private person in the municipality of Baška and municipality in Sadská, it is LUKUL, s.r.o. The goods got to one store in Slovakia too. The deliveries were designated for stores in the packaging of 6-times 2 kg, which means that they were not intended for particular consumers. Nevertheless, later anybody could buy the product in.

Petr Pejchal, Spokesman of the State Veterinary Administration

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