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Among newly published foods that that are of poor quality, adulterated or hazardous, there are Tilapia fillets skinless and boneless from Poland that contained much less meat than indicated on packaging, therefore these are adulterated goods.

Katy Milk Chocolate from Poland, Aro Lovecký salami from the Czech Republic and flower forest honey Dědečkův med Včelpo from the Czech Republic are considered goods of poor quality.

The inspection authority found other hazardous food such as dry red wine Dcérka Alc. 10.0% vol. and dry white wine Dcérka Alc. 10.5% vol. produced by AC Delta, spol. s r.o., Pivní, Horal and Polský salami were found as hazardous food. You can find more information together with details at potravinynapraniri.cz 

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