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Based on current findings of the State Veterinary Administration, nearly every fifth restaurant in the Czech Republic does not adhere to hygiene regulations when preparing meals.  The State Veterinary Administration has already inspected 5500 restaurants and canteens and in 15% of them at least one defect was found. Most defects were found in Prague where the inspectors detected a defect in every third inspection, the second worst region was Vysočina and many defects were found at the region of Pardubice.   

Recently the sale was banned in a known delicatessen: InsertSingleVideo

Entire article: http://ekonomika.idnes.cz/spina-a-mysi-trus-az-petina-ceskych-restauraci-neodpovida-standardum-12n-/ekonomika.aspx?c=A150917_110902_ekonomika_rts