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On 9th June 2016, the amendment of the Act on Foodstuffs and Tobacco Products (No. 110/1997 Coll.) was amended. We have prepared several important points that are contained in the amendment:

  • Adequate shortening of the best before date or use by date if food was unpacked for the purpose of selling individual parts and determination of the conditions for further storage so that product quality and safety do not deteriorate
  • Food intended for special nutrition and food supplements may be marketed only packed
  • Removing foods from further marketing if packed in packaging that do not comply with the requirements as per the European Union regulation or decree on hygiene requirements, are insufficiently or incorrectly labelled, do not comply with the quality requirements, are smelly or otherwise damaged, deformed, fouled or chemically or microbiologically impaired
  • Proof of the origin of goods must be available during all phases of marketing the food
  • Food can be labelled on packaging with the words of “česká potravina” (Czech food)  using graphic representation that is set by implementing legislation and that indicates that the Czech Republic is the country of origin of the food (more information here – link to the article about Czech food)
  • The producer, importer, retailer or distributor must provide labelling of tobacco products intended for smoking in compliance with set legislation
  • Change of the law on State Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority that applies to inspection regarding adherence to the obligations defined for advertisement of food, declarations of all information on labels intended for food, agricultural products or tobacco products and inspections of disposing of by-products of animal origin

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