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The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority warns consumers of a food unfit for consumption in the market: tea in bags Babička Růženka Sedmero bylin s echinaceou (seven herbs with Echinacea), batch indication: L 09111630 C, best before date: 09 11 18, producer: MOKATE S. A., ul. Katowicka 265a, 43-450 Ustroň, Poland. CAFIA laboratory analysis proved occurnece of so called tropane alkaloids – atropine in the quantity of 72 micrograms per kilogram (μg/kg) and scopolamine in the quantity of 23 μg/kg in given batch. Health risks assessment performed by the National Institute of Public Health indicated, on the grounds of found quantities of given substances, this tea as unfit for human consumption.


Source: SZPI (CAFIA - Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority)

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