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Starting on 6th August 2017, all the consignees of eggs and egg products produced in other EU countries will be obliged to have such goods tested for chemical substance fipronil. They can be released on the Czech market only if the test results are compliant. Current tightening of the emergency veterinary measure issued by the State Veterinary Administration (SVS) on 10th August that imposed similar obligation for eggs and egg products from the Netherlands and Belgium is related to current development of so called fipronil case. On 4th September 2017, the State Veterinary Administration started investigation at two sites of Zeelandia spol. s.r.o. in Malšice in the South Bohemian Region and in Kožlany in the Pilsen Region based on the information received from Germany by the RASFF system of rapid alert. On 2nd and 3rd August 2017, Zeelandia received three batches of pasteurized egg melange and liquid yolks in the total quantity of 7.2 tonnes from German distributor EIPRO Vermarktung GmbH, Lohne. The products distributed in one-kilogram and ten-kilogram packs were subsequently distributed to more than 130 operators. There were hotels, restaurants, patisseries and canteens among them. Now the competent enforcement authorities continue in investigations at the purchasers' sites. Contaminated products will be withdrawn from the market and returned to the country of origin or wasted safely. A penalty amounting up to CZK 2 million can be imposed for non-fulfilment or breach of obligations resulting from emergency veterinary measures. 


Source: SVS

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