Upravit stránku

Are you interested in testing of food? Would you - as a producer or a general consumer – like to know how your products or shopped food stand up in competition? Would you like to get comparison of one product tested in several different tests? If yes, we prepared an independent specialized web for you - www.testypotravin.cz that brings together information on testing of food in the Czech Republic.  This web is a part of information portal on food iQSL.cz and there you can find a database of tests that we gradually supplement with the results of newly tested food in the Czech Republic. You can find a particular tested food using the search engine or under relevant link in the "categories of food" section. Immediately after looking up the requested food, you will find out when the product was tested, who tested it and what the results were. Of course you can have the notification of new tests sent. It is a quite unique function of sending the tests that is offered by QSL. Using this web you can get an overview of the foods tested in the Czech Republic in one place.


Source: QSL Team