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At the end of last week, the State Veterinary Administration confirmed, by laboratory tests, presence of Salmonella enteritidis in three tons of chilled chicken meat from Poland. The goods were distributed through the retail chains of Tesco, Coop, company of MP Krásno and small entrepreneurs.

Identification of goods
NameKuře bez drobů, sk. A, čerstvá drůbež 
Date of slaughter3. 6. 2015
Date of consumption7. 6. 2015
ProducerTWIST Sp. z o.o., 44-210 Rybnik, ul. Pod Lasem 79, Polska
Origin of goodsPolsko 24153902 WE

The goods were chilled and in portions: chicken breast fillets, chicken quarters, chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken trimmings, and chicken steaks.

Source: eagri.cz