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Contaminated food contain harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites that are the causes of many acute and chronic diseases. They cause diarrhoea and can cause even more serious diseases such as cancer.

According to Jarmila Rážová of the Ministry of Agriculture, 45 548 cases of intestinal infections that were the causes of almost 17 000 hospitalisations and 247 deaths were recorded in the Czech Republic in 2013. “Mainly senior persons were concerned”, she said.

Consumption of contaminated food can have very serious consequences, some of them can be long-term such as kidney or liver diseases, brain and nervous system disorders but also  sepsis; they can even be the cause of death.  

Based on the type of illness, complications can appear from an hour to several weeks after consuming contaminated food and water and can include nausea, vomit, diarrhoea and convulsions in digestive system.

Prevent complications that are connected with ingestion of contaminated food and keep the basic hygiene procedures, disinfect all surfaces and equipment that you use. We can offer you a product called: Biofinder to check whether the disinfection was sufficient

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