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Etiketomat – reliable tool for calculation of food nutrition information

Etiketomat food database compiles data of several verified nutrition databases (Czech, Slovak, Danish, English) so data of various sources are together in one place; vi)

Dual quality of food: missing legislation!

One company, one product, different quality. Did you know that food sold in the same packaging and under the same name can differ in various EU countries? Or if two persons do the same, it is not the same. Is the Achilles heel in unsolved legislation?    

Innovation in food labelling

More and more people realize that nutrition is among the important factors that significantly influence human health, thus the length of human life. That is why accurate and detailed information on quality of food and food ingredients are more and more important. Not only producers but also regulatory authorities try to adapt to such requirements and create conditions, where such data is easily and comprehensibly available on each sold food. However, still there is the question what information is necessary to be stated on packaging and how detailed it should be.

We gained the international AA award

We are a company engaged in providing assistance in the sphere of quality management, inspections, legislation, testing, etc. We provide our services especially to sellers, producers and also importers of food and non-food products. It is the quality of inspected products and, of course, our customers' satisfaction that matters. That is why we would like to share the pleasure of our company's recent success.

“Our intentions are positive, hopefully the result is not as usual …” A comment regarding the act on significant market power

Recently, there are so many things concerning food going on and so many contradictory opinions appear that uninitiated persons must be at least confused. Probably they will ask who is responsible for that. Retail chains? State administration? European Union? Or food producers?

QSL Infobox – information on all your food in one place

Do you in your business solve the issue how to best comply with the standards of the new law on food? Are you thinking over where to place information regarding unpacked food? Do you have to print lots of paper to provide your customers with them when asked for it? We have a solution for you, which is the answer for all of these questions!

How to label unpacked food in compliance with new legislation

Though the name of unpacked food can evoke that no labelling is necessary, truth is the opposite. Even such food must be properly labelled and customers must always be allowed to get to information on product ingredients, origin or durability.

The Amendment No. 212/2014 Coll. and the Regulation No. 211/2014 Coll. on information obligations for receivers of animal products, or selected plant products in the place of destination

The Amendment No. 212/2014 Coll. regulates data on animal products that must be announced to relevant Regional Veterinary Administration in the place of destination, which is as follows: existing data (as per 125/2011 Coll.) must be complemented with information on assumed sales price per unit in the place of delivery or sale excluding VAT.

Changes in food labelling in compliance with law

The main changes in labelling of food in accordance with the new law. Have you complied?

Will the best before date be removed from food products?

Recently, you may have noticed in media, besides tomatoes from Morocco and new law on food, another case concerning food. European politicians discuss cancellation of mandatory labelling of some products with the best before date within the EU. The aim is to limit wasting of food. The intention is undoubtedly praiseworthy but it has certain pitfalls too. 

Are you ready for changes in labelling of food? Newly according to the Union starting as soon as on Saint Lucy's Day!

Starting in the middle of December, producers and retailers must label food in compliance with new EU regulations. Are you ready or are you missing anything? Let's go through the summary of main changes and find out how you're doing. It's high time to carry out final adjustments!

Ten years with HACCP and how to continue? Europe's way from food safety to food quality

Reflection on the HACCP system ten years after common rules for its implementation into food production started to apply in the EU Member States.

Current food safety and quality issues in retail

Current food quality and safety issues in retail as seen in retail, production, consumer associations, state administration, supervisory authorities and media.