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Testing of food in one place

Are you interested in testing of food? Would you - as a producer or a general consumer – like to know how your products or shopped food stand up in competition? Would you like to get comparison of one product tested in several different tests? If yes, we prepared an independent specialized web for you - www.testypotravin.cz that brings together information on testing of food in the Czech Republic.

EU regulates acrylamide content in foodstuffs

At the end of November 2017, producers of food and consumers got instructions from the European Commission how to minimise acrylamide levels in baked and fried foodstuffs.

All eggs and egg products from other EU countries must be tested for fipronil before marketing them in the Czech Republic

Starting on 6th August 2017, all the consignees of eggs and egg products produced in other EU countries will be obliged to have such goods tested for chemical substance fipronil.

Toxic eggs are withdrawn from the market in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; there will be inspections in Czech Republic

Stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany withdraw millions of eggs that contain toxic fipronil – a substance that is used to liquidate lice, ticks and fleas.

Exclusive research of the Ministry of Agriculture concerning different quality of food

Food sold in the same packaging and under the same name can differ in various EU countries. It was confirmed by a research that was ordered to the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (VŠCHT) by the Ministry of Agriculture.

SVA withdraws two deliveries of poultry products from Brasil due to salmonella content

The State Veterinary Administration (SVA) ordered to withdraw two deliveries of poultry products with origin in Brazil.

SVA withdraws German pudding desserts from the market, they might contain metal fractions

The State Veterinary Administration (SVA) ordered to withdraw pudding desserts made by German producer Neuburger Milchwerke GmbH & Co. 

Quality of sold honey is still out of conformity – half of it is adulterated

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) carried out an irregular inspection of honey produced (packed) in the Czech Republic.

Semaphore of harmfulness. Packaging will show sugar or salt content in food

Six large world producers of food such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé or Mars have agreed upon marking their products with a “semaphore” on the front side of the packaging. Information on sugar, salt and fat in the chart on the packaging front side will be depicted by green, amber and red colours based on what burden they reresent for the organism.

Chicken meat from Poland contained salmonella

A delivery of 3.6 tons of chilled chicken meat of Polish origin that contained the bacteria of Salmonella Enteritidis got to the Czech market.